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    Product Description

    Chapter1 Overview


    The WRZ gas Roots flowmeter is a volumetric meter with high precision, high reliability and wide range. It is mainly used to accurately measure the gas flow of closed pipes. The flowmeter automatically compensates the pressure and temperature of the gas to be measured, and directly displays the total volume of gas in the standard state, and can output a variety of signals.

    It can be used to measure non-corrosive gases such as natural gas, city gas, propane, air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, industrial inert gas. It is widely used in gas commercial settlement of catering, hotel and other industries, gas distribution for gas distribution, gas distribution, industrial and civil boiler gas measurement.


    Chapter2  Main feature


    1. The flow range is wide (greater than 100:1), the starting flow is low (less than 0.05m3/h), and the pressure loss is small (less than 350Pa), which is suitable for occasions where the flow load changes greatly.

    2. High measurement accuracy and high reliability, independent of pressure and flow changes.

    3, high-precision machining and repeat positioning technology, so that the parts have good versatility and interchangeability, so that the flowmeter has good repeatability, long working life.

    4, the flow meter does not need straight pipe sections before and after, can be installed in a narrow space.

    5, can be used with the IC card prepaid system.

    6, ultra-low power consumption, using 1 section 2# 3.6V lithium battery power supply, can run continuously for more than five years.

    7. Access the remote collection system through the communication bus to realize real-time data collection and management.

    8, user password settings, power-down protection.

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